Digital Art By Mahathi Kuchi

I started scribbling on the walls of my house at 3. My mom tried to stop it for some time but my dad thought a better way to channel it and gave me pencils and papers. Apparently I was good at drawing... especially portraits and doodling. Later on, graduated to sketches at 6 and drew like about 1000 doodles until I was 13ish. Then came girls. Somewhere in there, I learned how to paint as well. Even though I always wanted to learn how to do oil paintings never got around it. I am inspired by impressionist painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt. I can sit in front of an impressionist artwork for hours and can lose time.

I forgot about all of my art after 14 until now. Now I have realized my talent can be used for digital art. So I said why not. Here I am with the rendering of my imagination that usually runs ragged wild. You should see my writings. I write Science Fiction, Poetry, Short stories, political articles, public interest general articles, never published any yet. I came in 5th place once in contest in 2001 for a National Grand prize for my poem titled "Sounds of Thousand Feathers".

To summarize I am an Artist in progress... yet to be realized. If my art inspires you and enhances your life, that is a gift enough for my soul. I accept your appreciation in its true and native context. Peace.


Scrambled Brains