M K Miller III

M K Miller III


I have been a photographer for over forty years and have done most of the things and jobs that photographers do. Lucky me, I have come to a place in life where I can take pictures of what I want rather than trying to make a living shooting what other people want.

I own several cameras including a Hasselblad film camera with several lens. However, these days I shoot mostly with Canon Professional cameras and lens.

I love to shoot musicians, bands, music instruments, and other things musical. I have a large supply of brand new, still in the box, music instruments that make great subjects for fine art and stock photos. They do not get tired of modeling, and they are easy to work with.

I have begun to upload images to ArtPal because musician friends and directors have requested images to use as wall art in homes, offices, and rehearsal halls.

I also work in a music store in Tyler, Texas. I have been a musician all my life, and currently play drums in an eighteen piece jazz band. I love music, photography, history, and people, Photography has been an almost life long passion.

M K Miller, III

1932 Ford Roadster Classic Car 5564

1931 Ford Model A Classic Car 5563

1933 Dodge Classic Car 5565

Bass Tuba Music 5562

Big Bend Texas National Park 1443

1934 Ford Street Rod Classic Car

1934 Ford Sedan Classic Car

1931 Willys Convertible Classic Car

Flower 5561

Flute Fine Art Photographs

Saxophone Fine Art Photographs

Trombone Music 5540

Violin Fine Art Photographs

Guitar Fine Art Photographs

1930 Ford Stakebed Truck

1930 Ford Model A Original Sedan

1929 Willys Knight Classic Car

1929 Ford Phaeton Classic Car

1929 Ford Model A

1929 Chevrolet Classic Car

1927 Ford Coupe Classic Car

1924 Ford Model T Touring Hot Rod

1924 Buick Duchess Classic Car

1923 Ford T-Bucket Classic Car

1938 Chevrolet Sedan Classic Car

Oil Well Fine Art Photographs

Grand Canyon Fine Art Photographs