Mary Breshike's Art

Mary Breshike's Art

I have been painting since 1982. I started in oils but soon turned to pastels and most recently adding encaustic techniques to my artwork. Encaustic painting was practiced by Greek artists as fas back as the 5th century B.C. It is an art form which uses hot pigmented beeswax. It is a wonderful medium that adds depth and dimension to pieces. The pastel that I use is a soft pastel. I create my pastel pieces on a sanded paper so that the pastel can grab . I do not spray my work and this always the true properties of the soft pastels to shine through.

I have been able to paint scenes from all over the world. Having started in Hawaii, to historic Spain, sun filled Florida and now subtopical Okinawa. I have exhibited in Europe, The United Sates, and Japan. While living in Floirda I studied pastel under the guidance of master pasteist Marilyn Simpson.

In OKinawa, I love to capture the color of the ocean, the beautiful sunsets and the local people and culture.

Tea Towels

Acrylic Pour Jewelry

Okinawan Scenery and People


Boy's Day

The Island :)

Vending Machines



Original Pastels