Maureen Tomaino Watercolour Artist

Maureen Tomaino Watercolour Artist

She is totally passionate about Aqueous based paints. Watercolour is her medium of choice and now Gouache/Ink/and Watercolour combined.
Maureen studied Graphic Design in the 60's.
She has been painting and teaching for the last 30 years with a passion.
She is on the roster of Compass International and teaches on the cruiseliners.
Maureen has a unique style that she has developed over the years and believes one must continually master the art of drawing, watercolour techniques as there is always more to learn.
She is has been inspired through her travels to UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, the South Sea Islands and the USA where she lived for a few years. Her experiences on the Mercy Ships as permanent crew for a few years also inspired her deeply.
Life is beautiful and hopefulness is always there to be grasped no matter what life deals she really believes. Her art reflects this at every turn. Her palette is bright, bold and optimistic. Maureen believes that everyone can learn the art of watercolour, and she has proved this over many years of encouraging complete novices to plunge in and just try!

Pinks & Blues

The Sea

Forest Trees and Reflections

Blue is True