Opi Mozumder

Opi Mozumder


This is Opi Mozumder originally form Bangladesh living in Ireland in Cork with her Husband. I have been painting since my childhood. I wasn't good in my childhood but my elder sister was very good at it but my elder sister has no patient to do painting but I kept going to reach my goal. Then I took admission in academy to learn more detail about painting. My parents and teacher gave me more inspiration which give me everyday boast to keep going. I gave all my art work as a gift to my friends and relatives. Actually whenever they saw any painting I was doing and they asked me to take it away I can't refuse to them. Actually it was my hobby and when I was student I felt I need to do something and then i felt passionate about painting at the same time with my study. I received lots of awards when I was in school and college for my art works. Now my husband inspiring me again to keep up my hobby.

I love and like to do painting. I have been painting since my age 10. Its my passion and hobby and I feel more good when I do painting. When I finished any painting I feel so good with my work. Never got a chance in Bangladesh to explore my work outside my circle of friends and relatives. Now I am living in Ireland and have chance to explore my work through online. Enjoy my art.
Don’t know how good am I with my art work. I would be grateful if you kindly let me know your opinion please. Thank you.


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