Hi, my name is Jessica, but please you can call me Mizu. I like the name Mizu, as a name for my arts and other things I use this name Mizu, it means water and I love the colour blue, anything to do with water, it calms me down and all my worries are gone, whenever I visited the beach where the waves splashes and cold breezing wind that feels nice to give rid of your worries and stress.

I like animes, mangas and I love to create my own oc anime characters and sometimes I draw fan arts of other animes and idols such as BTS, Got7, seventeen and other idols groups.

I want people to buy my work and say it is really good. I'm still finding and looking for a job to do with character design, I have graduated from Ara Institute of Canterbury in New Zealand in Christchurch, from a Bachelor degree in Motion Design, it is about animation mostly and other like character design and illustration.

I'm still improving my digital art drawing and wanting to know more about clothes, poses, body shapes, and colour to improve about my drawings and want to make more animation about my art. I'm selling my art and at the same time, slowly trying to find a job in Christchurch to do with character design.