Mixt Villars

Mixt Villars


Mixt Villars, born in 1952, living in Lausanne, Switzerland
Main personal exhibitions: Bienne, Neuchatel, Geneva, Lausanne, Paris, Orly, Bern.
Four books published.
His drawings are inspired by different themes: architecture, landscape, bridges, ruins. His art is entirely based on imagination. Complicated architectures, windows, stairs, multiple levels rise or bury themselves in desert places under cloudy skies. Passionate about black and white, Mixt Villars works with nuances as rich as the rainbow.
His realism on the edge of the fantastic, his technique of extreme meticulousness provoke wonder and fascination. He introduces into his drawings all the thoughts, the emotions, the anxieties aroused by the observation of a world destroyed by man, with the hope that nature will prevail.
(based on 2 press extracts)
Another particular subject: eroticism (310 drawings) ( Those drawings are signed X.L.Vilar)

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