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Mittelstadt Art Works

Having taught high school art with a Masters degree, Richard has a diverse background in art materials and processes. As he worked on his college degrees in art education and studio art, he focused on drawing, printmaking and jewelry making. While teaching high school art, he concentrated on landscape watercolor painting. After retiring, Richard turned his attention to acrylic painting.

Richard enjoys acrylic painting. As he immerse himself into each creative adventure, Richard often times finds himself feeling transported into another dimension as if time no longer exists and his imagination and hands go about materialize a new image with color, line, texture, a sense of movement, balance, expression, and mood. With acrylic paints, he can enthusiastically play with abstractionism—creating colorful, expressive, and whimsical forms of landscapes as well as non-objective compositions. Richard thinks of his artwork as a theatrical production in which the viewer is allowed to temporarily suspend disbelief. For the viewer, his artwork becomes a momentary distraction—a gift of enchantment, amusement and emotional connection.

In the past couple years Richard has been honored with several one-person exhibitions in galleries and public venues as well as numerous awards in juried exhibitions for his acrylic paintings. In May of 2018 two acrylic paintings were given People’s Choice Award in Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community New Beginnings Exhibit. In August 2018, Richard had a one-person exhibition of his acrylic paintings in the Robbin Gallery in Robbinsdale, MN and in May 2019 he had a one-person exhibition of his acrylic paintings in the FrameWorks Gallery in St. Paul, MN. In 2019 a painting, “Pinball Blues,” received Award of Merit for Acrylic Painting in the Burnsville (MN) Visual Arts Society Art Fete. In June 2019 two paintings received Special Merit Awards in the LightSpaceTime Online 9th Annual 'Landscapes' Art Exhibition. In July 2019 in the International LightSpaceTime Online Gallery “Primary Colors” Art Competition one painting received a Special Merit Awards and the painting, “Pinball Blues,” received 4th Place Award in Overall Top 10 and 2nd Place Award in Painting and Other Media. And in October 2019 in the International LightSpaceTime Online Gallery ““Patterns and Textures” Art Competition “Passing Through” received Special Merit Award and “Resonance” received 7th Place Award in Painting and Other Media. In March 2020 acrylic painting, "Mysterious," took overall 1st Place Award out of 1,005 entries in LightSpaceTime Online 11th Annual Abstract Art Exhibition.

During this past year and half it has been challenging to find art venues willing or able to sponsor juried art competitions due to the pandemic. However, Richard was able to get several of his acrylic paintings into in-person and virtual exhibitions as well as publications. Check out these sites: or and page 159 in

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