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Mittelstadt Art Works

Having taught high school art with a Masters degree, I have a diverse background in art materials and processes. As I worked on my college degrees in art education and studio art, I focused on drawing, printmaking and jewelry making. While teaching high school art, I concentrated on landscape watercolor painting. After retiring, I turned my attention to photography and most recently acrylic painting.

I enjoy acrylic painting. The easy of painting with large brushes is offset by the challenge of its rapid drying time. I am a fan of instant gratification and thus I avoid using a paint retarder in the paint. To keep the paint from drying out, I spray it with water. To speed up the drying process, I use a hair dryer.

My ambition has always been to abstract my painting subjects. However, as an observational and mechanical artist, that has always been a challenge. With acrylic paints, I can enthusiastically play with abstractionism—creating more colorful, expressive, and whimsical forms of landscapes as well as non-objective compositions.

I totally enjoy the magic that takes place during the painting process. As I immerse myself into each creative adventure, I often times find myself feeling transported into another dimension as if time no longer exists and my imagination and hands work to materialize a new image with color, line, texture, a sense of movement, balance, expression, and mood.

Having painted with acrylic paints for the past eight years, I am content with most of my final results. Every painting goes through a probation period during which I react to its visual impact. If the painting passes the visual test and achieved my personal goal, I sign it, seal it, and prepare it for public display. I think of my artwork as a theater production in which the viewer is allowed to temporarily suspend disbelief. For the viewer, my artwork becomes a momentary distraction—a gift of enchantment, amusement and emotional connection.

Besides earning several awards for my intaglio prints, drawings, and watercolor paintings over the past several decades, in the past several years I have been honored with several one-person exhibitions in galleries and public and private venues as well as numerous awards in juried exhibitions for my acrylic paintings. In 2016 two of my acrylic paintings were awarded Honorable Mention and Best of Show in the Robbin Gallery Exhibition, ‘March Madness’ In addition, two paintings were juried into the 2016 Juried Art Competition & Show with one painting taking an Honorable Mention and the other a Second Place in two different theme categories. In February 2017 one of my paintings will be in the International Art Juried Competition and Show, ‘Arts in Harmony.’

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