MITHILA ART is a group of artists who are professionally or born artists with magnificent art and unique styles

MITHILA ART inspired by the name of the original art from Mithila state of Nepal & in Bihar state of India. It is also known as Madhubani means forest of honey (Madhu- honey, ban- forest). A region that hasdistinct regional identity & language that reportedly spans 2500 yrs

There are different collections of paintings & sculptures which are best suitable for the art lovers.
The paintings are of various styles from different corners of India. One can see the styles such as Madhubani, nib art, kangra paintings,portrait, pingooli art of konkan region, varli art from maharashtra etc
One can aslo see the fine carvings of wood which could be seen on the temples (KHAJURAHO MADHYA PRADESH)of different cities of India.
The wood carvings add to the elegance as a decoration.

Contact : Mithila - 91 8237905648
Watsapp: 8975157305