Mitch Nye

Mitch Nye

I have no specific style. I know that sounds strange, but it's true. I would get bored if I had to stay in one lane. I created art when I was a kid and through my college years; and loved it. After earning my degree (not in art), I began my career in the business world in order to support my family. My goal was to get back to art, as a hobby, when I retired from that career path. I did just that in 2017, after 40 years of not doing any art, except for doodling during business meetings. What I hoped would be a great hobby has shocked and surprised me in that people all over the world have purchased my work. What a wonderful feeling to have my work unexpectedly validated by these collectors.

I hope you like some or all of what I do. If you would like me to do something specific for you I do take some commissions and would be happy and honored to explore that option with you. Thank you!

Mitch Nye - Watercolors

Mitch Nye - Abstracts

Mitch Nye - Non Abstract