Miss Lemonade's Canvas

Miss Lemonade's Canvas


My name is Stephanie, which is from a Greek origin meaning Crown. :-) I am a flailingly energetic, young lady piercing her way in to the art world with extravagant and elegant, acrylic paintings. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, I truly believe the more I paint, the more truly inspired I become to paint. My works of art are an expression of several different elements of my life. Feelings, moods, past, present, and future. Abstract or impressionistic, I aim to trap all these styles of art one day on a canvas board so that you, my customer as well as my ultimate inspiration, may portray your truest emotion and/or elegance in your home, office, or otherwise. I hope that you can stare into the abyss of color and feel the extravagant deep thoughts that I have while I create these works of art. My goals are to create a lot of different styles so I can display them at art shows and have prints made of each. I find my free time filled with Facebook and Pinterest along with the occasional StumbleUpon. Needless to say, art is one of the categories I browse through on the world wide web. I generally like to look at different kinds of art and interpret it in my own way but I love to paint skyscapes and scenery. Painting wilderness is my ultimate getaway. I can be anywhere at one point in time with the skyscapes that I create. I hope you see the inspiration in these as well as all of my other art work, and remember, I am still prying my way in to this new realm of art. I will only create even bigger things as time moves on. Only time will tell what i create!

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