Miss FionaB Fantasy Artwork

Miss FionaB Fantasy Artwork


Fiona Hilton, a.k.a. FionaB, is a traditional fantasy and portrait artist born and raised in Australia, currently living in Maine USA, with her husband, two boys, and a baby girl. She uses a lot of mixed media tools, like watercolor pencils and paints, acrylic and graphite. Her favourite medium however has become graphite pencils. She loves the way all these mediums can be used together or on their own, creating various textures and techniques. She is a self-taught artist and is still learning as she goes. Because art is a deep seeded passion of hers, she now works full time as an artist, finding inspiration in everything from music, horror and Gothic genres, dreams, and nature. Within her work, she strives to recreate interpretations of the beauty she sees everywhere in everything. She wants her viewers to feel inspired by what is being portrayed and to see the beauty within.

Her work has been previously published inSachet Mixte Women: Volume 6.


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