Miravi Art

Miravi Art


I greet you very warmly.
I am a visionary and painting has been revealed to me

Some time ago I responded to a clear voice from the source of my Existence. The voice of my interior, which pushed me towards the painting.

I am open to the world and want to share with you your art.
It is proven that in every one of my images outside of the form you see, there is primarily a large dose of divine energy that is with me at the moment of creation.
I always create in silence, knowing that I am only a humble interpreter and contributing to the source of all things.
I am deeply connected with the spiritual sphere of man and the tranquil essence of nature. My paintings explore a unique palette of colors that is sometimes delicate and sensitive, yet obscure and chaotic. This is a pure abstraction, a gesture painting. Works are created inside me, wake up to be transferred to the canvas. I paint what my eyes do not see.

Over time, I developed my own method of painting - without the use of a brush and an easel.
I love people and nature, silence and space. I love blue sky and turquoise ocean.

Thank you very much for visiting my profile! My Gratitude flows to your heart!

Joy of Existence