Mirage John

Mirage John


Mirage John is my pseudonym (pen name).  I have 30 years of experience using microscopes to observe the cultivated tissues and cells. A couple months ago, I saw an interesting picture under my microscope that appeared as a human portrait, the illustration of human face. Because I never saw any picture like this under the microscope before,  I immediately checked the microscopic glass slide by naked eyes and found some tiny dots of dried chemical solution on the glass surface. Their real sizes were between 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm. I observed these dots under my microscope again and was surprised by the miraculous pictures. Were the images spontaneously formed by the chemical material?  I could not stop thinking about the hypothesis. It would be a miracle if that were true!
Days later I dropped some chemical solutions on the microscopic glass slides and observed these dots under my microscope: the chemical solutions were able to become the complex painting-like, illustration-like and relief-like artworks on the glass slides. It was verified. I took photos for the dots with a microscopic camera, respectively.
I have shown the photos to some experts who considered these dots were micro crystals and/or deposition of the chemicals on the glass surfaces. Other words, these micro paintings and tiny illustrations are Natural Artworks, it is a miracle indeed!
I have not stopped to wonder why the Inorganic chemical compounds forming these artworks.
Here, I am just trying to choose the 60 unmanipulated photos and share them with viewers. Hope you can collaborate to discover and develop the mysteries. 

E-mail address: Mirage.john60@gmail.com
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA