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MindScape Studio


MindScape Grafx Studio is an award-winning mother-daughter creative duo who reside in the colorful state of Colorado. Together we create trendy graphic designs and digital masterpieces. We have 35 years of combined experience in marketing, graphic and web design, user interfaces, drawing and illustration, photography, and editing of videos and motion graphics.

Over the past 35 years, we have designed everything from complete branding systems to promotional coasters and bookmarks. We have designed layouts for magazines and booklets, as well as designed many posters, postcards, brochures, and advertisements. As an added bonus, we have also designed for puzzles and games. On the web, we have designed and managed many websites and have created inspiring user interfaces.

In the art world, we use different styles and techniques to create our works of art whether it be a vector art piece or a photo enhanced or manipulated in Photoshop. If you'd like to see us in art action you can visit our YouTube channel by following this link: shorturl.at/epyz6

Meet Ally Sullivan (The Mom)

Ally is a photo manipulator extraordinaire. She loves to create beautiful pieces with the photos she takes while out on her photo adventures. When she's not photo manipulating, she is designing marketing collateral for clients. She is fueled by hot coffee and daily doses of design and art inspiration. Her tools of choice include a Nikon camera, Adobe, and a Huion Kamvas graphics display.

Meet Kacie Sullivan (The Daughter)

Kacie is a vector vixen. She loves her lines crisp and clean. She enjoys illustrating color pages and tattoo art. When she's not in vectorland she is Ally's design sidekick and helps with designing marketing collateral for clients. She is fueled by Dr. Pepper and daily doses of children's laughter. Her tools of choice include a pen and paper, Adobe, and a Huion Kamvus graphics display.

You can watch both of us create our art on our YouTube channel:

Unicorn/Pegasus Fantasy Collection

Mushroom Fantasy Collection

Fairy/Faery Fantasy Collection