Michael I. Kotler

Michael I. Kotler


Michael I. Kotler has been painting and selling original artworks for over 20 years. Michael works with acrylic paint on canvas, mixed media and pencil sketch and enjoys creating modern and abstract work, frequently large in scale, the largest being approximately 20 feet by 5 feet. Balance and harmony are hallmarks of his work. Michael has shown at several galleries in both Chelsea and Mid-town, New York City.

As noted by one gallery that has shown his work: "Michael I. Kotler is an intuitive artist who takes his cues from his own internal and emotional drives. Varied in style and execution, each work is cathartic, releasing for him emotion and tensile strength that makes his paintings pulsate with contained energy. These are framed within bright primary colored backgrounds, adding an extra verve to the compositions. Kotler’s work is very open. Although the paintings are a method of pure self-expression they are not oblique but instead invite participation in their complex surfaces. The chaotic frenzy of his paint-splattered pieces and the calmer, blended backgrounds and whole paintings link his work to that of the Abstract Expressionists. For him, as for them, the process of creation is as important if not more so than the end result on canvas. Most gratifying for Kotler is the feeling on completion, to stand back and see a painting created ex nihilo in which the shade and balance are just right."

Michael currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida, and maintains an active law practice in addition to painting and creating original works of art.

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