Mike lombard

Mike lombard



Michaël LOMBARD, born in 1972 in Nyons, France, having grown up among the works of artists of his Belgian family, grandson of Alma BALET (painter), great-grandson of Edgar GEVAERT (painter) and great-grandson of George MINNE (sculptor), feels naturally attracted by drawing from an early age, it is in 1992, after some years of graphic design in advertising, that he decides to embark on painting. Moved by new inspirations; After almost 30 years as an artist, he continues his journey of exploration through different creative periods, until the discovery of new pictorial sensations in constant evolution...
Living and working now in Guadalajara (Mexico)

"Through art, I feel the need to search, explore, clarify the mystery that surrounds us, as a virgin land formed of colors, atmospheres and subtle forms from which I extract fragments ... I like to work in the fabric of materials, minerals, vegetables, organic ... Nature is my main source of inspiration ... "

Multiple explorer, between abstract or representative forms; The paintings put a particular emphasis on the development of a non-retrospective narrative. The light arises in his paintings, fuzzy, infinite planes that hold different tones. What we see in a certain way is the creation of color that reflects the process of work: an inexhaustible addition of forms in space that unleashes a meditation on time.

It is a work that leads to a meditation on light in space in conjunction with our perception.

(including selection of photos made by Mike LOMBARD...)

Also as the legatee of the work of Alma Balet (1919/1998), his grandmother... These are pieces of his last works to make known the sensitivity of his art... She was traveling all over India to bring back those snapshots full of life and light...


Water inspiration

Bodypaint and lights

Alma Balet-carnets de voyage-Inde

Collection 2019