Mike Healey

Mike Healey


I am a British artist who has exhibited throughout Europe. For the last ten years I have lived in France and Greece but have now moved back to Kendal, Cumbria (UK).

I began my professional career in the theatre – as Associate Director at the Oxford Playhouse. Here I worked with many famous British actors, including Judi Dench and Ian McKellan. I later joined the BBC as writer and director, specialising in drama-documentary. My ‘Early life of Beatrix Potter’, starring Helena Bonham Carter, won Gold Medal at the New York Television Festival.

I am also a professional writer – publishing short stories, plays, crime fiction and historical novels. I am currently working on a novel about Napoleon’s love affair with Pauline Fouré during his occupation of Egypt. This is due for publication early next year.

My interest in art began when I started designing my own sets and costumes at the Oxford Playhouse, later moving to fine-art full time.

It is perhaps difficult to categorise my style but my paintings are at times surreal, yet grounded in close observation of natural forms. Some of the pictures in this gallery explore the now widely held understanding that ancient Greece was profoundly influenced by both Egyptian and Phoenician culture and that many ancient myths actually have their origins in North Africa.

The selection of my work here covers a wide range of styles and techniques, including three-dimensional boxed ‘stage sets’ - a style that dates back to my practical work as a stage director/designer. Dionysus and Persephone haunt many of these sometimes strange but always provocative images.