I'm a moon child, an earth spirit and my art is an expression of this. My art is a magnet that draws people, even strangers to me. They see me working and just start up a conversation. Some think my art is a gift worthy of sharing; they see it as a medium for expressing the soul and healing the spirit.

Not everyone sees or understands the particular messages I'm trying to convey through my artwork. They see it and pass by unaffected. Others see it and their hearts are opened. They share their story, their beliefs, hopes and dreams.

All this happened as a happy accident, I heard a song and turned it into a visual representation of how the song made me feel. When I'm drawing time and space fade away, I'm living in the moment and also outside of time. As I work I feel I'm being guided to tell stories, both my own and universal ones we can all identify with. These pictures are my personal Mandalas, a connection to the Most High, my Higher Power, some would call it God. The universe is speaking; weaving a story and I am only the conduit as it channels the design, pattern and colors. Beautiful things happen.

I use my art work as a door that opens me up to a new experience of sharing who I am. I can't always express myself through words but when I have a pack of crayons and some paper the images pour out like a jig, a happy dance. I feel a euphoria come over me and I don't need words. The extraneous noise fades away and I move into a meditative state. I work through whatever I'm feeling in the moment and I'm surprised to find that I've been drawing for hours. The visual representation of these meditative journeys can be stunning.

Sometimes, coming back to myself I feel refreshed. At other times I feel whipped, stomped on and my energy system is spent. What an amazing ride but through it all I'm left with an open heart and ready to face my world in all it's beautiful messiness.

When we are allowed to express ourselves in whatever medium we are led to we are better for it because our soul is fed and satisfied. We can then move on to our next adventure be it visual, spiritual or physical. For myself, I never know what will come of these experiences but I know it will be beautiful!

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