Michael J Adams art


I started drawing in 1989 at the age of 9, I took art 1,2,3 in high school then I stopped drawing for almost a decade. A few years ago I picked up a pad and pencil and just couldn't' put it down anymore. I work from photo's of cos-players, or models, or from people I meet on Facebook. I like to challenge my self and try to find unique individuals to capture. I strictly work in black and white due to lack of training in color, I work better in graphite than any other medium so I prefer to pencil draw most of my work. I am available for commissions and I don't charge as much as most artist do. I don't consider my self a professional artist but my work shows that I love my work as well as any professional artist does and I always put 110% into my work and won't submit anything I'm not proud of. I hope you will buy some of my work and tell your friends. Thank you and God Bless you all.