The UNORTHODOX.LAB is a digital art gallery based in Sri Lanka established by Melanie Lawrence in 2018. The UNORTHODOX.LAB creates sheek and modern digital art pieces that quite creates mixed emotions in the minds of those who observe it's works. the creator describes her gallery where one may spot all what's unusual yet would be carried away by how each of her pieces takes form. The UNORTHODOX.LAB gives life to imagination as it's totally based on how the creator sees the world and how she interprets it, and she says, 'here at unorthodox.lab I create the blueprint of a crazy ass world that I intend to be a part of'.
So, UNORTHODOX.LAB or you could say the home for crazy!

Abatract surrealism

'Uncertainty is galling'

Towards insanity

'We belong to something beautiful'