Annaz Pop Art

Annaz Pop Art

Hi and welcome to my gallery. My name is Mick Annely (Annaz) and I'm a creative maniac. You'll just as likely find me carving stone or wood, welding or playing the guitar as drawing , painting or writing.

Over the last 20 years or so I've gradually drifted in 'Pointillism, which is basically creating an image using dots of varying size and density. If you study the profile picture you'll get an idea of how time consuming the process is. However I like the effect and freedom it brings.

I started out writing a supernatural book called 'Possibility theory' and decided to do some illustrations of the characters. Meanwhile my daughter commissioned me to do some studies of some of her favourite celebs, so I did Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes from The Wanted and a picture of Lawson. I enjoyed the process and thought I could do studies of my own favourite media icons, and as a guitarist I had to start with Jimi Hendrix. I've since been asked to do Jim Morrison, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and Steve McQueen, Which I've just started.

Some friends suggested I put some prints up for sale to test the marketplace and this is where I'm at now....seeing if I could make some sort of living doing something I love.

The first 100 of every picture ordered direct from me will be signed and 'Giclee' printed on quality paper and sized to fit in an A4 frame (to keep the customers framing costs down)

I'm open to suggestions or even commissions for future work so if you have anything in mind I would be happy to consider it.

All the best Annaz