Michiel Knaven

Michiel Knaven


Michiel studied violin at the conservatory and continued his education at the art academy where he graduated with photography and painting. As a conclusion, he followed art studies at the university for another year.
The experiment is always an important element in his work. In photography, he is interested in new forms of appearance. In the nineties, the emerging interactive art, net art, had his great interest and he made installations with sound, photography, and interactivity. He exhibited these works at festivals around the world. He got Second price "art on the net 2001" in Japan.

In 2004, during a work period in New York, he switched from analog photography entirely to digital photography. This is where an important source for his work sprung up, the urban landscape. Between 2004 and 2010 he regularly returned to New York for work periods in the studios of Point B.

In 2007 the Dutch-TV broadcasted a documentary on his work with the title “composer of sound and image”.An important series “the landscape of the marathon” started in New York and continues in Amsterdam. At the moment he is working on several projects simultaneously: The night project, The Marathon project, and last year on “Parkingscape” the landscape of the parking lots along the European highways.

In December 2019 he started with a new series “the kiss”. A project that investigates how we kiss each other. There are so many kisses, from lips that gently touch each other to an eager “bite”. This series is finished and a book with all the photos is published in November 2020.
A continuing line in his work is working on collages. The last series now consists of more than 100 collages.



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