Michelle LeVesque Knie

Michelle LeVesque Knie


Hello, I'm an artist from Montana, born and raised, now living in Scottsdale Arizona. I've been interested in art of any kind all my life and have tried many different forms and techniques. When we lived in Scottsdale from 80 to 82, we owned a family hobby shop, and I also worked with a Stained Glass studio creating pieces for them . Loving arts and crafts, I owned a ceramic Studio in Missoula Montana for 7 years till 2001. My love is in painting and I plan on continuing that for the rest of my life. There are so many opportunities for beautiful paintings here in Arizona.

I also do contract painting for individual requests.

I want to thank my awesome daughter, Kayce Kennelly, who is a wonderful photographer and editor, for photographing my paintings for this gallery.


Still Life



Cactus Flowers