Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter


Michelle Hunter from Topmost Ky

My primary interest is in portraits I love drawing people. I also love creating abstract or fantasy art as well. I think that inside my head I am really quite dark but no one could really see that on the surface so I like to use it as a way to express my dark thoughts. I also have always been fascinated with skulls how they look the same but yet so different.
I have been drawing since I was a child old enough to hold a pencil and I haven't stopped since

Every creative person has a bag of tricks. Here's mine: solid lines, cleanliness, focal points,emphasis, simplicity, power, empathy, fun, attention to the details, and pure love for what I do. Oh, and I love seeing the person's face light up when they see the work I created.

When it comes to art, I judge success by the number of people positively touched by my work. I draw because I can watch my ideas come to life. I believe art should make people happy. It is powerful you can express everything you feel in a drawing.

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