Michele Petrelli Painter

Michele Petrelli Painter


I'm an italian painter. I work from 20 years, I painting enthusiast since a young boy. I took a degree at the artistic education highschool. In 1991 left my university studies and I had a strong breakdown. I left the blackest darkness of the mind with the help of my family and two dear friends. In 1999 I gets the title of scenography technician.
During the first part of my life I did not have much painting. I drew horrible figures that seem to come from my emotional states. they were monochromatic designs with a strong black presence.
I was not peaceful and that you could see from my life that was quite messy. For ten years, I live happily with my partner away from the city. I painted a lot in these years.
My paintings speak of my life, from darkness to light. This is the human path. Whoever keeps my art can be comforted. My brush strokes are fast and vibrant. They are not precise. I have abandoned the immobility in favor of dynamism. This is impressionism. The artistic movement more vibrant and romantic of all time.

I love drawing my portraits, landscapes, etc. with pencil or with traditional techniques. He prefers oil, watercolors or acrylics and digital media too.

My paintings are exhibited in many Italian and international galleries.

My site: https://michelepetrelli.blogspot.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michelepetrelli_art/

facebook fan: https://www.facebook.com/petrelli.art.and.design

twitter: https://twitter.com/michelepetrelli

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