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Artist Michael A. Williams, born March 1964 is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. The artist is visually impaired with an eye disorder called Stargardt's Disease, (a macular degenerative disease). He also has a detached retina. Mr. Williams has been drawing and painting since the age of 10 and won numerous art award; The artist has made a commitment not to give up and to pursue art as way to show others who are blind or visually impaired that all thi8ngs are possible if you have the passion and determination to keep moving forward.

Mr. Williams has been asked many times why he chose art as a career and his response would be "why not?". He continues by pointing out in a quote "Just because your limited in sight, doesn't mean you have to be limited in insight" in other words, seeing beauty from within enables you to easily absorb and appreciate the beauty around you.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Williams has won numerous art awards, such as, Southland Mall Scholastic Art Award, St. Joseph Hospital Pen and Ink Calendar Contest, Mid South Fair Pen and Ink Fine Art Contest, Memphis Technical High School " Outstanding Art Student Award", American Printing House for the Blind " Insight Art Competition" 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2014 in Louisville, KY.

The has shown his works at local libraries in the Memphis area. He has recently conducted a joint art exhibition with mother (Mattie Williams) titled "Epic Vision" at the Crosstown Arts in Memphis and in July 2016, the artist's works were part of an international art exhibition for blind and visually impaired artists and performers in London, UK called "Dialogue Beyond Sight".

In July 2015, the artist received a letter from President Obama congratulating him on his accomplishments as a visually impaired artist. Mr. Williams is also the founder of a nonprofit organization called the International Association for Sight impaired Artists. The organization is in development to encourage and educate individuals who are blind or visually impaired to get involved in the visual and performing arts as a career.

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