Michael Panno

Michael Panno


I mostly specialize in pencil drawings and watercolor paintings at this time. Although I never have taken any serious art classes I have a natural ability to put things which I can see onto paper with good accuracy. Some of the drawings and paintings I am currently displaying here were created for the US Army Corps as interpretive wildlife images for use on nature trails. Previous to that I created some pencil drawings for Valley Forge National Historical Park in Philadelphia PA, these were drawings of a variety of extinct and a few extant species of animals which the fossil remains of had been found inside the park. The original drawings I created were then modified into post cards with facts on the animals and were used for a display in the park's visitor center starting in 2006. I also plan on creating more drawings and paintings in the future and am working on adding more art to this site currently since I have not done many new pieces the last few years aside from originals I was commissioned to create by private individuals. I am going to have some more interesting and complex pieces available on my page in the near future which will show a much greater diversity of artistic expression which I am capable of creating. I will also be adding some of my photography to my page. Thank you to everyone who has visited my page and viewed my current pieces on this site. Please leave comments on anything I currently am displaying here if you have any questions, comments, constructive criticisms, and/or opinions about my artwork in general.

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