Michael O'Gorman

Michael O'Gorman


I am an artist who specializes in complex, surreal oil paintings of organic and anthropomorphic subject matter, expressed through a unique 'merging' style. I'm obsessed with detail and perfection, and often spend months on a single painting, ensuring that the color gradients are smooth, that all narratives within a composition blend harmoniously, and – most importantly – that each painting is exciting and rewarding to view!

Ultimately, I like to create artworks in which viewers can lose themselves for hours at a time, forever discovering new narratives and motifs that redefine their previous assumptions about the piece. Although I am hesitant to explain my artwork's meaning to others, since I believe that surreal images benefit from ambiguity, I do explore themes such as dualism and artistic self-reference.

My website is: http://michaelogorman.com