Mastagni Fine Arts

Mastagni Fine Arts

Michael Mastagni was a juried painter throughout college then became Artist in Residence for the University of Maryland, College Park. He has continued to paint as an abstract expressionist moving from realistic watercolors. He earned his BA in fine arts from Principia College then studied sculpture at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He opened a studio in Bakersfield for a few years while teaching both high school and university students at the same time. His watercolors were published in a 1970s text on how to paint watercolor in North America. He moved to very large abstracts in late 70s where he has continued in that discipline to this day. He has led plein air painters to central coastal California. Huell Houser picked one of his watercolors to be used on California Gold. Today, he has now sold to Japan, Korea, France and Italy besides California, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Boston, Washington, DC.
He sees painting as a means of communication with his innermost thoughts and perspective on responding to life's challenges. Why he has named a large body of his work as DREAMSCAPES.

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