Michael Lott Art

Michael Lott Art


Artist Statement:

"I create my work as an expression of our global culture's movement towards integration, as an attempt to mend a bridge between the inner and outer worlds, to celebrate the mystery of nature and the primordial depths of our consciousness, and to share with others my own unique perspective on life.

Culturally speaking, my work embodies and aims to bring to awareness a major shift that is taking place on a global scale. Every facet of our lives is being called into question, from our use of energy, to our food, to our spirituality, to our relationship with one another and the Earth, and to how we view ourselves as a functioning species on this planet. There is a growing counter-culture of people who are serving as trail-blazers, leaving behind the old paradigm they have been brought up in in order to explore newer, more harmonious and progressive ways of living. I have met many individuals who have made incredible leaps of faith, going against the will of their families, societal counterparts, and everything they have known to be of service to the world and to honor the desires of their inner voice. Despite what is around them, these individuals have taken the responsibility upon themselves to gain a greater understanding of who they are, and of how they can help in the building of a more positive future. Many of these people have chosen to tribalize their lifestyles in order to understand how to relate to the Earth in a more harmonious way, while others function in more urban environments to spread awareness amongst the populous. Despite where they are or what they do, their function is the same: to lay down the foundations for humanity to move forward in a more sustainable and integrated way. My work embodies the nature of this counter-culture through its intuitive foundations, its freedom and its exploration of symbolic richness.

In a more personal sense, the creation of abstract art is a deeply emotional release for me, and I feel that I can express so much within the language of color. My dream life is also incredibly active, and my dreams are often teaming with wild, beautiful abstract patterns and vivid, otherworldly colors. I believe that the abstract imagery in my dreams hold rich symbolic meaning, like a language, though it is something that is understood beyond the limits of my rational mind. Creating these free-flowing abstract works of art help me to get in touch with my intuition and the subconscious language that reveals itself through dreams.

Aside from drawing much of my inspiration from dreams, I draw inspiration from the aliveness, richness, and diversity of the natural world. In nature, from one perspective, there seems to be such randomness and chaos, yet from a broader perspective, there is an organic harmony and balance - a living, breathing ying and yang. I am very intrigued by the pull of this natural dynamic between chaos and harmony, and I allow it to express itself through my work. My observation of this balance, and its re-creation in my work has helped me to develop a much deeper understanding of my own relationship with life.

Creating these pieces is a way for me to go deeply into myself - it is a meditation, a form of prayer. As I create each piece, I discover that they each have their own personality, and they each become a different teacher with their own set of lessons. At the core of it, the creation of my work plays an important function in my life as a spiritual practice. It has become a way for me to learn more acutely about my own process of Self-unfoldment.

As I explore the mysteries of nature and the depth of my own beingness through the creation of this art, it is my intention that what is expressing itself through me to be a signpost for others, speaking to them of the incredible mystery and beauty of their own Self-discovery."

- Michael Lott