Michael Liu

Michael Liu


I am a sixth form student studying art as one of my A-levels in Wales. The tendency of my works is realism; at the same time aiming for photorealism. I enjoy exploring different media in my work, particularly a combination of watercolour, markers and coloured pencils. Marcello Barenghi, a YouTube artist, is my favourite artist all time who works on photorealistic drawing based on food product and everyday object. He is the one who inspired me to start working on food and packaging drawings. Apart from him, Ben Knight and James Gulliver Hancock also motivated me to produce either life-like or simplicity-based buildings. Therefore, in my gallery you will often see works with their ideas. I also like criss-crossing artists' styles and techniques to form my new style.

I am hoping more people to acknowledge my work, therefore making my interest into a career. I also upload my works onto Instagram (@limsuk) to share my interest and passion towards art. Enjoy my gallery and share your opinion!

Building a style

To feed on illusions