Michael Horn


Hello, my name is Michael Horn, and instead of having a full blown mid life crisis, I began to paint. In this new chapter of my life, I found that I might just have a little talent that I was not aware of before. Now I am no Bob Ross, but what I put onto canvas does makes me feel like a happy little tree. I have not shown my work to very many people, but those who have seen it think I might have a chance to make a little money for my vision. So what the hell, here goes nothing. And if no one is interested at the very least we have some pretty cool pieces for the walls. I prefer to use 8 x 10 canvas but do have a few 16 x 20's and so far I am using acrylic paint and I have no particular style. Enjoy my paintings and if you see something you like, feel free to help me buy more supplies. Thanks in advance.

8 x 10 Gallery