Paintings by Michael Hartstein

Paintings by Michael Hartstein

Michael Hartstein
Impressionist and Contemporary Painting

Michael was born in 1946, in Los Angeles, California. His early interest in art began in grade school. While studying drawing and painting, the art became a vehicle in class for learning about the life and culture of Mexico and South America. From that moment on, he was excited to use art as a medium to express the inexpressible beauty in life.

Michael has been painting for the last 50 years. He has always enjoyed creating paintings about nature. From his early childhood, he studied every art book that was out there, learning art techniques from famous artists. His education in art has been in classes at The Art Center, Long Beach University, and Santa Monica College. His paintings have evolved over the years to an impressionistic style. In his love for nature, he likes to use bold colors, textures and creating a feeling of movement. Many paintings have water elements. Also, there is a lot of excitement and passion that he brings into his work. As he explores the subject that he wants to paint, he peels away the different layers to get to the essence of the subject.

Over the years he has sold many paintings and has exhibited his art all around Southern California.

When a Choir Sings The World Listens

Memories N.Y. Times Square

Date Night in Ancient Egypt

Turtle Diving

Blowin in the Wind