Michael Patrick Donohoe

Michael Patrick Donohoe


These artworks will continue to increase in value and I will surpass all others in this industry and have my artworks studied in the future. An instinct for greatness has always been deep within my soul. In all endeavors, I have felt this above all and now know that the artworks I am creating these days are the roots I have been watering all my life.

I am from the south side of Chicago, IL. USA, and the need to express my life though various art forms is a deep instictual drive.

Theatrical, Recording and Visual artistry has been my past and have now began to find the roots of my artistic abilities in these new mediums.

Some say I have a unique style with Cy Twombley and Jean-Michel Basquiat inspirations.

A Neo-Expressionist sometimes indulging into abstraction at a fast pace like Jackson Pollock.

Engulfed into the street culture by my surrounding and emerging in 2019 into University studying Fine Art. I was working in the restaurant industry my entire life to support myself and 2020 demolished my stability and finances, yet I am grateful for this drastic transition which has become the blessing that fuels my intense-emotional creations with paint.

My studio is splashed vigorously with paints and my sights are set to reach the top of the industry.

The universal consiousness has played a major role underlining my artworks and the beauty in all things. Majority of my works are from the 2020 pandemic and bring a truth to the light.

Much of the time while creating I think about life and not that of which I am actually creating. By loosing myself in the mediums of paint, oil sticks and charcoal I resurface drained of my energies, sweating like Michael Jordan, game 6.

Paint of Structures

Canvas 2020

Shower Curtains (2020)