The Accidental Artist ( Raquel Diokno)

The Accidental Artist ( Raquel Diokno)

Raquel refers to herself as an "accidental artist". It all started
in September 2011 when someone left his sketchbook with her and
unable to return it back, she started filling it up. When the owner finally got back his sketchbook, he was impressed by her skill. This is how she started drawing and continued it for three months.
One of her "accidental” incidents happened again when two resident
artists of a nearby gallery saw her sketches. They were impressed too and invited her to join the group.
At the group, she felt "at home" and she decided
to join it. At one point of time, the artists stretched a canvas for her and
so she started painting.
In Raquel’s own words "After staring at the blank canvas for a while I
picked up my brush and just go with the flow- the rest is
Raquel is a self-taught artist whose works are mostly on
abstract painting but never shies away from other art
styles. She considers herself as an emotional painter. Her
emotion inspires her to decide for the elements and colors of
her paintings. Unlike most artists, she discovered her talent
late because of which she is still developing her style. Her
craft, most importantly, gives her more fulfillment not only as an artist, but also as a person.

MEDIUM:Oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil,

ART STYLE: Abstract, Realism, Surrealism

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