Mark Goodhew Photography

Mark Goodhew Photography

Mark Goodhew was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana and now resides in LaGrange, Indiana. Mark was first exposed to photography while studying graphic design and art at Ball State University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Graphic Design and minor in marketing. After graduating he worked in his families NAPA Auto Parts business as the marketing and advertising director and currently as the warehouse operations and purchasing VP. During that time Mark learned website design and developed a site for the family business. Mark rediscovered his passion for photography when he purchased his first digital camera in 2007 and continues to discover and develop his digital imagery.

Artist Statement
I first discovered photography when I studied graphic design and art in college. Then, I would spend a day shooting pictures with film and another day in a darkroom seeing what I captured.

Digital photography has opened new ways to shoot photographs, manipulate and enhance the Imagery. I enjoy exploring the technology and the new ways it allows me to present the images I shoot. Enhancing colors, contrasts and using photo software tools to create, "Photo Paintings", as I refer to them. When I look at the images I photograph, I picture them as paintings on a canvas.

The natural beauty of the outdoors is my studio for so many of my “Photo Paintings”. Nature is so gracious in giving me many wonderful landscapes, waterscapes and imagery to choose from. I would say that most of my photography leans more toward “Abstract Impressionism” in style versus photo realistic, but there are those times where nature presents itself in such a beautiful way, that you simply capture the moment without much manipulation.

I would say that most of my work needs to be viewed from a distance to see the “Photo Paintings” imagery I am referring to. They look less like photos and more like an impressionistic or abstract painting, but you can still feel the presence of nature and where it came from.

Capturing an interesting photo is only the beginning of my process. Many of the photos I take, I see something there, but do not realize its potential until I am able to manipulate it in computer software. Some of my post picture images are gray without much color, but there is color there, captured by the camera. It just needs to be enhanced, brought out with computer software.

I sometimes use a technique of layering portions of the same photo on top of each other, manipulating and enhancing effects of the software. My camera and photo software programs become the medium I use, like a painter uses brushes and paints.

A new direction of mine, is a more "Abstract" photography. Looking at smaller areas

All of my photos can be printed in a variety of sizes including large format. Framed and Canvas stretched are other options. If you require a larger or smaller format than listed, please contact me. If you don't see the size you are looking for or if you would like to see a mock up of a picture in one of your rooms, please contact me.

• For International shipping, please contact me.
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Mark Goodhew Photography

Mark Goodhew Photography