MF Rouleau

MF Rouleau

Marie-France Rouleau, artist

An intuitive and spontaneous contemporary painting in which great emphasis is put on colors and movement. In fact, color has become a driving force in my creation as if an explosion occurs between my palette and my enthusiasm.

Born in Valcartier (on the military base) north of Quebec City, Art and the effects of colour always moved me to express myself in any way I could. I acquired several art techniques starting in my adolescence, but I didn’t come back to the world of painting until 1990 after studying and working in another field. At that time, I felt an irresistible need to be distinctive and to offer a style that was my own. In my quest to cultivate my spontaneity and to let my instinct have full rein; I took further training in composition and creativity, ink, dry pastel, and nude drawing (quick studies) with professional artists from Quebec.

Member of the Charlesbourg Art Association

Magazin’art – Biennial Repertory of Canadian Artists 2000 up to 2013
The Roussan Guide – The Art Market in Quebec 2005
Publication : Le Reflet de Charlesbourg, weekly, article 10-2005


I prefer acrylic now because this medium permits me to work very quickly. A painting often starts with a burst born of instinct and no precise image in mind.

The bare canvas invites me to clothe it in colour; and so the evolution of my creation begins. From the first washes of paint applied with a large brush, to the last firm, smaller brush-strokes, I am constantly reworking forms and colours until I am satisfied with the result. I create according to my mood, on impulse, even to completely changing the theme or the colours as I work.

I take my inspiration from what I see in human beings, from what I hear in music, from what I feel in nature and especially from what I imagine.

I work alone in my studio, accompanied by music and by daily introspection, experimentation and production.

Permanent Exhibitions :

• Galerie d’art Buade, Vieux-Québec,QC
• Traveling Art Gallery, Sooke, BC

Charity Exhibitions:

• Société de la Prévention du suicide, Québec 2012
• Exposition au club de golf Royal Québec au profit du Centre des maladies du sein de l’Hôpital St-Sacrement, été 2008
• Expositions d’œuvres au profit de la fondation l’Institut Universitaire de cardiologie et pneumologie de Québec, 2005, 2006-2007
• Expositions d’œuvres au profit de la Maison Amélie & Frédérik, 2006 et 2007

Solo Exhititions:

2009 Côté Galerie, Flash Coiffure, Québec, octobre
2008 Galerie L’Espace Contemporain, Québec, juin
2005 Galerie Maison Magella-Paradis, Québec, septembre-octobre
2003 Salle Lionel-Allard, bibliothèque Marie-Victorin, Québec, novembre
2002 Galerie "Adagio" de la bibliothèque Félix-Leclerc, Québec, mars

Collective Exhibitions and Art Events:

2013 Galerie d’art Le Kamaïeu, Québec, mai
Festival DécouvrArts, Cap-Rouge, juin
Village en Art, St-Nicolas, juillet

2012 Festival DécouvrArts, Cap-Rouge, juin
Village en Art, St-Nicolas, juillet

2011 Galerie l’Espace Contemporain, Québec, avril
Festival DécouvrArts, Cap-Rouge, juin
Village en Art, St-Nicolas, juillet

Only original Acrylic