Margarita Felis

Margarita Felis

I'm graduated from the Academy of fine arts named after Repin in Saint Petersburg in 2013. My diploma was dedicated to Paul Gauguin, you can see it here

I work in all genres but my favorite is humans. I like it because of the beauty of human body and also I like to invent pictures, to put there meaning and style. My education is classic but my goal is to mix it with achievments of contemporary art. Colors are very important for me. The power, harmony and balance of strong color relationships help me to represent meanings, emotions and philosophy. That's why I prefer acrylic technic despite I was educated on oil painting of the Old master’s school and a lot of my early paintings are done by oil.

I like to draw humans and I often do sketches or paintings from posing people. Also I paint pictures from imagination, and portraits from photos or from life.

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My copy from Rubens