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Born the 3th of July 1982 in Antwerp, MERMIC has been surrounded by art ever since child- hood. His grandfather and mother , being professional painters, learned him really young the necessarily basics of creating art.
At the age of 11, he created his own work space, resulting with a first sale of a painting at 16. Passing different periods, working with wood, painting, metal, … Mermic developed 6 years ago an own specific technic of recycling art.

Now an acknowledged artist, he creates large collages using hundreds of pieces of paper from magazines. The subtle images he produces are the result of patience, dexterity and weeks of work.

He focuses on what he calls ‘generational emotions’ - leading figures of his generation who give rise to strong emotions in us all, exploring the collective imagination of the 1980s and 1990s as well as the present.

By recycling magazines, he expresses the current awareness of the need to protect the planet. In his view, art should give pleasure but can also be part of this reasoned approach. He sees himself as a commercial artist delivering high-quality works designed to last. People appreciate this attitude, which enables them to treat themselves in keeping with contemporary values.

Mermic’s works also have a decorative appeal which his stylish and varied clients appreciate. He is often told that his pieces give rise to a great deal of discussion, with their many details and underlying messages.

He produces limited editions of certain creations, making them more affordable and therefore more widely available. The result is surprising and precisely reproduces the complexity of his art.

With his logo and his registered trademark, Mermic belongs to a new generation of hybrid artists with a perfectly finished image. He is happy to place his creativity at the service of many projects and challenges.