Meredith Scott Art

Meredith Scott Art

Greensboro NC artist, Meredith Scott, creates art that inspires serenity, healing and hope. In 2013, she began painting angels for family and friends to heal after the passing of a dear friend. Initially created as a way to lift others within this small circle, Scott found that her angels quickly became a source of comfort for others around the country. Interestingly, Scott says, while some find healing in her angels, others find them as a way to celebrate life’s many joyous occasions. She is fulfilled by knowing her angels have become a way to celebrate births, marriages, and sometimes simply friendship.

Scott is fascinated by art’s gift of transcendence. She notices the feelings that come from simple happiness, like the sound of the wind through trees or the laugh of a friend and loves to capture that joy in her images. She is inspired to create images that express the beauty of everyday life. Scott says, “with the stroke of a brush and a mix of colors an artist can take the viewer on a journey. My vision is to create work that is uplifting, that takes people to a place of serenity, where they feel happiness and peace.”

A native Texan, Meredith graduated from Hollins College with a degree in Child Psychology and a Masters in Education from Salem College. She has lived in Greensboro for 25 years. Married to her husband, J. Scott, for 25 years, Meredith and J. are blessed with two children, Jack and Grace, and their sweet puppy, Lady Eloise Von Wigglebottom, “Weezie.”




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