I am fascinated with color and the relationship between them. I love the use of color to create a mood or convey a message. My work reflects what I feel at the moment I think about it. Sometimes I mull over it for days till a concrete image forms in my mind, while sometimes I'm compelled to put brush on canvas almost immediately. The only drawback if you can call it that, is that I get extremely restless till the painting is over with an immense urge to complete it even if it means forgoing sleep.
I love to teach painting and have had the opportunity to teach, both kids and adults in the past few years.
The media I use are water color,acrylic, oils and at times a combination of them. Besides painting, I sing western classical and musical theater pieces and teach western vocal music as well. I have also meddled in a bit of poetry when I'm inspired. :)

Acrylic figure series

Acrylic expressions