Merrick Palmer

Merrick Palmer

Merrick Palmer Artist.

My works are inspired by growing up in the Mountains of North Georgia, Southeast Tennessee and Southwest North Carolina including the Great Smoky Mountains and national forest.

Acrylic and oil paintings of the Appalachian mountains and surrounding areas. My paintings include waterfalls, creeks, deep forest, dramatic rock formations, structures from days gone by such as old houses including log cabins, dirt roads, barns and covered bridges.

My paintings tends to realistic but not photographic in style. Some of my works are inspired by real places I have seen in my life. A few are of a actual location.

I do commissioned
paintings based on photos or personally going to location to take photos. Commissions can be done in literal style or in specified variations to the subject.

I am on Facebook with both my own page and Southern Appalachian Reflections a page which displays some of my earlier works.

North Georgia Mountains.