Chris "Mempinman" Mempin

Chris "Mempinman" Mempin

Chris’s passion for art began at the young age of five. He learned how to draw by copying the drawings his father did for him. By the time he reached his early teens, he learned how to paint with oils, a skill taught to him by his uncle, a sought-after artist in the Philippines. Migrating to the US in 1991, at the age of 16, Chris finished High School in San Diego, CA. He then enlisted in the US Navy upon graduation in 1993 to earn the GI Bill and pay for college. What was a four year enlistment eventually turned into a 21 year career, with Mempin retiring from the military in March of 2014.

During his time in the Navy, Chris slowly lost his connection with art. In March 2012, with 19 years of service under his belt, Mempin relocated to San Francisco, CA under military orders. Alone in a new city, Chris started to question the path he wanted to take in life. In order to distract himself from his thoughts, he decided to make the most of his tour of duty in San Francisco and began exploring the Bay Area, soaking in its culture and way of life. Suddenly submersed in northern California art and architecture, an old flame began to spark and Chris reconnected with his passion for art. He bought art supplies one day, and dedicated himself to his first art project in years by painting a “birds of paradise” plant, inspired by his uncle's artistic style. Chris continued to paint in his free time and, soon, requests from family and friends for custom paintings and commissions came flooding in. From then on, he knew the path he wanted to take, beginning with using his GI Bill to pursue a degree in Art after he retired from the military.

Chris relocated to Las Vegas, NV, shortly after retiring. He landed a job at a local casino and enrolled at the Art Institute of Las Vegas to major in Graphic Design. He eventually withdrew from the program and is currently awaiting the spring semester at the University of Nevada Las Vegas to earn in BA in Art, with concentration in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking. Chris also works part-time as a painting instructor at a local wine and canvas studio, and travels back and forth between Las Vegas and Southern California showcasing his art at exhibits and pop-up events.

With a vibrant style, Chris is inspired by nature and animals, particularly the colorful and amazing creatures that inhabit our planet’s coral reefs. “The fondest memories I have with my father all happened by the time I was 7 years old. They include the first time he took me to the zoo, the time he drew animals for me when I was hospitalized, and getting me my first aquarium as a birthday gift.” Using color as a form of expression, he enjoys doing custom work and commissions because it allows him to think outside the box, and tailor his paintings to what his clients want,. giving him the freedom to create art that know no bounds.

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