Melly Hendy

I am a self-taught amateur artist who takes inspiration from absolutely everything! I have no particular style, I just paint what I feel like in whatever style takes my fancy. I love exploring new styles and techniques and am always trying to paint something new.

I paint in acrylics and watercolours and also enjoy working with crayon and fine ink pens. I have previously used oils but find them a bit gloopy! I love the effects that can be achieved with oils but I don't have the patience for working with them. I like to mix media and really enjoy working on lettering designs as I love fantasy art and this is a great outlet for playing around with that.

I have a website at so please feel free to pay a visit and see the full range of my artwork or follow me on Instagram at mellyhendy_art for up to date posts.

The local art group to which I belong runs a monthly painting challenge which I find really inspiring as it encourages me to paint subjects I wouldn't normally choose and think about different ways to portray the subject matter. I will be adding to this gallery over the coming weeks so more of my artwork will be available as I build my sale collection. I hope you see some things you like.