Melissa Skehan Artist

New Zealand Photographer & Creative Artist.

I have always had a passion with being creative and a love for photography. So I like to use a combination of both processes to make my style of art.
I like doing landscape and wildlife photography as well as create a completely new artwork from a simple photograph and give it a life of its own and make it very contemporary, abstract and unique.

Originally, before digital cameras were around, I took traditional photographs with film, but now, using digital techniques, I take my pictures a step further and remould them into something new and previously unseen.

I try to make my own statement by layering words, graphics and colors onto the original images. I find it hard to put a name on the process. Is it photography any more, or something else? The end result is always different and modernized. Its my own way to put a twist on the usual photographic methods and it speaks my mind though an image.

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Melissa-Jane Skehan ART

Thanks for looking, Melissa-Jane