At a young age Melissa showed a natural disposition to creative endeavors. Her mother would often think Melissa was tracing images from her grand parents animal encyclopedias, only to realize upon close inspection that, Melissa was actually using them as references for her first works of art.

After graduating High School with The Outstanding Artists Award, Melissa attended Kwantlen University to hone her craft. Upon finishing her second year in the fine arts program, Melissa left to explore the world and soon found herself working heavy machinery at various coal and oil mines in both B.C. and Alberta. During her four years of mining she never stopped painting and sold pieces wherever she went but it became apparent that mining wasn’t the lifestyle she envisioned for herself. So she saved up, packed up and moved back to the lower mainland in hopes of pursuing three goals; art, education and helping others.

Melissa is now painting up a storm, as she pursues a psychology degree at UBC and works as a support worker for at risk aboriginal women and children. Her art is often inspired by both her daily life and dreams, resulting in a style all to her own: full of passion and bursting with creativity.

You can see Melissa's blog and other art projects at: http://melissaburgher.com/portfolio-2/