Franck Brizzi

Franck Brizzi

Originally, I opted for analog photography in analog printing, I like the always very personal and unique result of a draw.
I found a technique for colorizing photography which consists,
through ten different steps, to completely absorb the colors by the fiber of the fiber paper.

I meet a 'writer and decide to build a project together, it will be
"A loving garden" published in 2018 by Campanille editions.
On this occasion I decided to enrich my images with digital retouching and collages, the images are then painted digitally or by hand.

Several creations exist, in particular those around "A love garden" in French, for which I received the Gemlucart Monaco photo prize in September 2019.

An art book "Un jardin amoureux", published by Campanille editions in 2018 (Price 30 €) avaible in French