Ambient and peace are keys to a healthy stream! She loves designing peaceful scenes and Spreading uplifting vibes in every message ♥ Its Love..


Making colors come alive in each shot :) melly messes. Every capture has a meaning and every single item placed in her portraits is symbolic to her heart. Her Vibration♥


Creating scenes with her own personal ideas streaming with pure emotion♥ She works with Ambient, smokes, filters, and lights, these are all keys to her success. Energy is everything.


All her ideas are inspired by things seen, observed, or experienced. She grabs these real life events and places them in her captures. She takes her time creating these settings sometimes it takes 12 hours or one whole day, whatever the time may be, its refreshing to the soul♥ Its Her Visions


Her roots and foundation is built on her originality. Every single item (furniture) in her captures is something personal to her heart. She shares these settings and ideas with the world and help anyone who has a passion for streaming, She offers her assistance for others to grow♥